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Representing the People of Queens County and beyond with more than 35 years experience.

Specializing in all aspects of Criminal Defense, Juvenile Delinquency and Family Law, we will treat you with honesty, professionalism, and will keep you informed of every step in your case.


As one of the Queens’ most experienced attorneys, Mr. Frank M. Galchus, began his career over 35 years ago, honing his skills with the Criminal Defense Division of NYC’s Legal Aid Society. Offering his services to less fortunate New Yorkers provided Mr. Galchus with the valuable experience needed to provide his clients with the high level of efficient legal representation available across the city. Working with legal aid also showed him how he can make the most out of limited resources – ensuring he can help clients from all backgrounds mount a competent and effective defense, no matter the how heavily the odds might be stacked against them.

Earning his bachelor’s degree from the famous New York University (NYU) and his law degree at Fordham Law School, Mr. Galchus is a New Yorker through and through. This lifelong familiarity gives him an added incentive, as well as an intimate understanding of the city’s legislation, and an opportunity to network with its existing legal community.

As the years progressed, Mr. Galchus has worked diligently to grow and evolve with the times. He is constantly adding to his already expansive repertoire of legal knowledge – perfecting his craft and keeping his arsenal of tools as sharp as can be! In the over 3 decades since, Mr. Galchus has worked with a diverse group of clients to handle a wide variety of issues, including all manner of criminal defense, all aspects of family law and a whole lot more! His expertise is evident both in and outside the courtroom.

Today, Mr. Galchus represents both adults and children, mainly focusing his wealth of legal experience on family court issues including the details surrounding domestic violence, orders of protection, and defending juvenile offenses. No matter what the circumstances might be surrounding your legal issues, Mr. Galchus represents each and every client with the same passion and fervor he has afforded clients for over 30 years! For an unmatched level of client care, attention to detail and an impeccable track record stretching back to the early-80’s, be sure to contact the Law Firm of Frank M. Galchus today at (718) 229-2628!

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