Bringing a child into the world is a big step to take, for both man and woman, no matter what your station in life might be. In many instances, whether they be legal or simply a matter of your own piece of mind, knowing the true paternity of the child, can become a huge concern.

Orders of Paternity
No matter which side of the coin you might fall on, the Law Firm of Frank Galchus is here to represent you during your paternity proceedings. Paternity orders are given in Family Court, and often one side must argue for the order to be granted, and the other against.

Establishing Paternity
In some instances, a mother may need to establish paternity in order to legally name an individual as the rightful father to her child – this is done through the process of DNA testing. By establishing paternity, this can have an effect on things like child support payments, custody, adoption, and inheritance.

Depending on the results of a paternity suit, a father may be ordered to take a DNA paternity test. And if he is found to be the father of the child, might be obligated by the court to pay child support monthly. In the same token, a prospective father can fight to have a DNA test performed, in order to fight for their parental rights – allowing them to gain visitation, or even fight for custody of the child.

In any scenario involving paternity, family courts can be quite challenging to navigate. With the help of Mr. Frank Galchus and his team, you will have the informed, knowledgeable legal counsel you need to fight your case. For more information on paternity laws or to schedule a consultation, contact the Law Firm of Frank Galchus today.

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