Juvenile Delinquency

We all get in trouble at some point in our lives – especially in our younger years, and sadly, some issues might be worse than others, even leading to legal implications. When a young adult or child gets into legal trouble, they are immediately entered into the criminal justice system as a juvenile delinquent. A juvenile delinquent is a minor generally under 18 years old, who in some way has violated the law.

If you or your loved one has been charged with committing a juvenile offense, it is vital that you acquire the services of an experienced defense attorney like Mr. Frank Galchus. In his many years of experience, he has helped countless juveniles fight charges, having charges dismissed entirely and sentences often reduced.

If your child is arrested, depending on his or her age and the type of crime alleged, the case may be brought to Family Court. There are many differences between prosecution in Family Court and Criminal Court. With years of experience, we will be able to guide you and your child through the process. In some instances in Family Court, your child’s case may be eligible for diversion and will not be brought before a judge. If your child’s case is sent to a judge, you will want an experienced lawyer to zealously represent your child. Know the difference between being adjudicated a youthful offender versus a juvenile delinquent. In Family Court, your child can be charged with a misdemeanor, a felony or a designated felony. Unlike Criminal Court, if your child’s case is brought to Family Court, bail is not set. Your child is either released to your custody or remanded to a detention facility. And also unlike Criminal Court, all trials are heard before a judge, not a jury.

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