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The Law Firm Of Frank M. Galchus – Queens Family Criminal Attorney Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Frank is a great lawyer. He is very professional, and it shows that he loves what he does although some cases are not easy. My case was about child custody and they explained everything to me as to what the best scenario would be and the worst. I would like to thank Frank and his team for their hard work and dedication! Frank was such a great lawyer. My case was very hard and he helped me feel very confident. I recommend him 100% to everyone. He is very professional! I will forever be grateful with Frank I don't know where to begin my son and I are forever grateful Frank was so professional from the moment I met him! I got so much done within 4 days of retaining him, more then I've got done in the five months that this case was proceeding. Frank worked diligently to ensure that my son received the best legal representation at times he even reminded me hey I know you’re his mom but I am here to represent him and I will do and must do what's best for him. I cannot thank him enough for what he's done for me, because of his connections and experience he worked out a great deal at times I didn't know what was going to happen but Frank assured me he would provide the best legal representation and he did my family is forever grateful for him, take it from a mom that thought there was no way out Frank swooped in like a knight in shining armor and saved the day I thank you my son thanks you my family thanks you. It brings me great pleasure to comment on my attorney, Mr. Frank Galchus. Allow me to first mention that I was nervous about walking into family court, because this was my first experience. I am often intimidated by the unknown and law is definitely not my field of expertise. However, my uncertainty and apprehension collided with Mr. Frank Galchus. Mr. Galchus carefully listened to my concerns and helped me to be triumphant in the courtroom. He spoke clearly and concisely and exhibited astounding confidence. He was sharp, tactful, and encouraging. There are a lot of things in life that can be imitated but, victory is not one of them; either you're victorious or you&'re not. Frank is an absolute champion. Thank you Frank!!! So honored to have been represented by Mr. Galchus. He is truly for is clients, he's super sharp, and very clever. He will make time to sit and talk with you and responds to all emails you send him. So happy with the outcome of my case.
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On October 1, 2018, Raise the Age will go into effect in New York State and will be fully implemented by October 1, 2019. This means that 16- and 17-year olds will no longer be prosecuted in adult criminal courts; … Continue reading


A Manhattan judge recently ordered a hearing to determine if a defendant was wrongly advised about whether his guilty plea to criminal possession of a controlled substance would have immigration consequences. In People v. George, 2000NY055185, NYLJ June 23, 2017, … Continue reading

Students With Disabilities Are Entitled To More Than A De Minimis Education

In a unanimous 8-0 decision, the United States Supreme Court has struck down a 10th Circuit ruling which held that a child who has disabilities and receives an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is receiving an adequate education as long as … Continue reading

Criminal Law – Marijuana Possession in a Public Place

The Appellate Term recently reversed a case from Queens County Criminal Court because, among other issues, the prosecution failed to show that the defendant’s use of marijuana was in a public place. The facts failed to show that the premises … Continue reading

Custody of Children to Grandparents

A grandparent may him- or herself be taking care of a grandchild because the parent is unable. It may become important for that grandparent to file a custody petition in Family Court in order to get an order that can … Continue reading

Family Court Neglect & Abuse Cases & Your Right To An Attorney

The right to an attorney for a a person accused of child abuse or neglect in Family Court begins only at the first court appearance, not at a preceding child safety conference. A parent, for example, may come into contact … Continue reading

Criminal Law – Identification

After an arrest where identification is in question, whether of an adult or a juvenile, it is important to test the reliability of the procedure that the police used. This is done at a hearing held before the trial. The … Continue reading

Juveniles & Miranda Warnings

The New York State legislature will be considering a new law that would require the police to give juveniles a clearer warning of their rights to remain silent and to have a lawyer. Most people know about “Miranda” warnings, at … Continue reading

Facebook & Orders Of Protection

A Westchester County court recently held that Facebook tagging of a person covered by an order of protection can be a violation of that order. The order can be violated if the order prohibits contact between the parties and the … Continue reading

Queens Judge overturned On Suppression Issue

In the recent Queens County case of People v. Clermont, 11-4-15, the Appellate Division Second Department reversed a judgment and dismissed the indictment, overruling the lower court’s denial of suppression of a handgun. In this Queens case, the police were … Continue reading

Criminal Law – Search & Seizure

A Queens County judge has dismissed a drug possession case against a defendant because the Criminal Court complaint failed to show a nexus between where the drugs were found in a house and where the defendant was located during the … Continue reading

Search and Seizure Law

The Second Department recently upheld the suppression of evidence by a Queens County court. In People v. Morris (2124/12) the Appellate Division held that the defendant’s dropping a black plastic bag in his driveway did not allow a warrantless search. … Continue reading

Recent Case Law – Juvenile Delinquency

The First Department just reversed a Family Court’s ruling which denied suppression of a gun found in a juvenile’s shoe. In Matter of Jamal S., the Appellate Division held that the police search of a 15 year old which resulted … Continue reading

Recent Case Law– Juvenile Delinquency

Family lawyers who represent juveniles in criminal matters in Family Court must be aware of New York State’s Criminal Procedure Law, Penal Law, and Family Court Act. When the police stop and arrest someone and there is a search and … Continue reading

Recent Case Law – Criminal

It is of the utmost importance that a criminal lawyer keep abreast of recent cases and rulings made by the courts. When trying a case, a criminal lawyer must be aware of their client’s constitutional rights and the essential elements … Continue reading

Silence is Golden – Know Your Rights

An important element in criminal law is an accused’s right to remain silent in the face of police interrogation. The issue often is what kind of questions are considered interrogation and what are not. If you are in police custody … Continue reading

Juvenile Delinquency

Juveniles who are arrested are generally prosecuted in Family Court. There are similarities, but also many differences between prosecutions in Family Court and Criminal Court. In Family Court, Family Court Act (FCA) Article Three governs juvenile delinquency proceedings. The speedy … Continue reading

Criminal Court – The Grand Jury

If someone is arrested and charged with one or more felonies, the prosecution will serve notice pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law 190.50 that the case will be heard by a Grand Jury. This is one of the preliminary steps in … Continue reading

Family Offense Petitions And Orders Of Protection

The Family Court Act gives the Family Court jurisdiction to issue orders of protection to people in a protected class even if they are already complainants in Criminal Court. The Family Court handles cases involving disorderly conduct, harassment, aggravated harassment, … Continue reading

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