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License Suspension Over NYC Traffic Issues

New York City is one of the most crowded cities in the entire world. And with millions of people driving the streets every day, traffic issues are bound to happen on a daily basis. The fact is with so many people on the road, it can often lead to disturbances of many different kinds. According to Mr. Frank Galchus, the top Queens family criminal attorney, its important for people to realize that driving is not a right, but rather a privilege that must be taken quite seriously. The DMV will reserve the right to suspend or even revoke an individual’s license on certain grounds that they have demonstrated that they are a risk to others on the road. For the most part this means that they have likely violated a number of different rules of the road. The majority of such incidence, according to the top Queens family criminal attorney, Mr. Galchus take place for some of the same reasons. The most common reasons for such actions to be taken include:

· Intoxicated driving convictions
· Having too many points from a number of incidences.
· Driving recklessly

The New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Laws, specifically in Section 510(3) outlines several specific reasons for which an individual would have their driving privileges revoked or have their license temporarily suspended for some amount of time. According to Mr. Galchus, the top Queens family criminal attorney, when an individual takes on the responsibility of getting behind the wheel it is important for them to understand exactly what is and what isn’t allowed, as a matter of law within the specific state or jurisdiction they have chosen to live and drive in. According to section 510(3), some of the specific reasons include things like the following.

· For any violation of the traffic laws, whether it incurs points or not.
· Physical or mental disability of the license holder that impairs them from proper driving.
· Where the driver has a demonstrated drug problem
· If the license holder was convicted of any felony
· Because the license holder is a “habitual or persistent” violator of traffic laws, whether in New York or other jurisdictions.
· For gross negligence in operating a vehicle “in a matter showing a reckless disregard for life or property of others”.
· If the license holder uses a vehicle to commit a crime.
· For evading prosecution for a traffic offense, or evading police to avoid arrest or identification.
· If the driver is a youth and is convicted of a crime (or adjudicated a youthful offender).
· For causing issues or harassing certain traffic enforcement agents.

Once an individual has demonstrated any of the above actions, they are now subject to suspension or revocation of their license. As a Queens family criminal lawyer, Mr. Galchus will help his clients the best he can in order to prevent their license from being revoked or suspended. This generally takes place during a DMV hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will review evidence to determine if you should keep your license. And this includes police reports, and testimony of witnesses. As a top Queens family criminal lawyer, Mr. Galchus reminds his clients that any testimony in such a case is important to take seriously, as the testimony at these hearings is sworn testimony. And that means it can be used in other legal proceedings Yet any statements at such a hearing can be used in other legal proceedings against you, such as a traffic trial, criminal prosecution, or even a wrongful death lawsuit in the event a death occurs as a result of the incident. Generally, with the help of someone like Mr. Galchus, the top Queens family criminal lawyer, you can have your suspension limited to only a short amount of time, or even avoid a suspension or revocation all together. For more information about such cases, and for legal help, be sure to contact Mr. Frank Galchus today.

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